The Bridges Pre-Hospice Program

Living with a life-limiting illness turns your daily routine upside down. Dreams and plans are replaced with uncertainty and change. The way forward is not always clear. Everyone involced - the patient, family and friends - must pause and consider what care is needed where and when.

The Bridges Program is one resource available to anyone who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Whether you are seeking treatment, weighing your healthcare options or managing symptoms the Bridges team can help guide and support you on your journey.

The Bridges Program begins with a visit from a Bridges Clinical Navigator, a nurse who will ask questions that help you identify your needs. The Clinical Navigator will then suggest resources that may support you and your loved ones.


Bridges Services

Through the Bridges Program you may receive:

  • Visits from specially trained volunteers, who lend a listening ear, offer a variety of services (e.g., massage, hair cuts) and make time for family members to take a break
  • Counseling with skilled social workers and grief counselors, who help you and your loved ones talk about your wishes, your fears and the choices you face together
  • Spiritual guidance from a chaplain
  • Coordination of care with your healthcare providers and other community resources



We rely entirely on individual donations to fund this program.

To request services

The Bridges program is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 443-262-4100 to learn more about the Bridges program and to request assistance if you are already participating in the program.