Hospice Care & Services

At Compass Regional Hospice, we understand that coping with a serious illness is one of life’s most stressful and painful situations. We offer one-of-a-kind comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals in the advanced stages of an illness and support for the loved ones who care for them.

From the time of diagnosis, Compass Regional Hospice can help you make decisions and assist you and your loved ones as you adjust to changes and anticipate the future. We help you live on your terms with a wide range of care options and support to meet your needs along the way.

Our Care Options

  • Routine Home Hospice Care: When curative treatment to extend life is no longer an option, hospice care allows the patient to remain at home with the care and support of family members and the hospice team. Provided in Queen Anne's, Kent, and Caroline counties.

  • Residential Hospice Care - The six-bed Hospice Center in Centreville and the four-bed Hospice Center in Chestertown offer comfortable, medically-supportive alternatives when remaining at home is no longer possible. Bed availability is limited.


  • General Inpatient Hospice Care - Short-term management of uncontrolled pain and symptoms requiring 24-hour medical management is available at the Hospice Center in Centreville.

  • Continuous Care - For continuous home hopsice care during periods of a short-term crisis.

  • Supportive Care (Palliative Care) - A free program that offers care and support for anyone who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting serious illness. Support is provided by a Nurse Practitioner and Social Worker. The program does not replace primary care providers or specialty physicians.
  • Grief Care & Support - Through the Hope & Healing Center, we offer a variety of free grief support services, as well as counseling for hospice families and anyone in the community who needs help following the death of a loved one.


Is hospice the right care option for you or a loved one?

When curative treatments are no longer effective, Compass Regional Hospice can help individuals who:

  • Have a progressing, serious illness.

  • Have decided that comfort care and symptom management will be the focus of care.

  • Have been told that life expectancy is limited and measured in months rather than years.

If you think Compass Regional Hospice can help you or a loved one, or you still are unsure, call us at 443-262-4100. We can arrange for a free, informational visit.

Or, you may discuss hospice care with your physician first. Our staff may consult with your physician to discuss an initial plan of care.


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