Frequent question: What type of doctor helps with breast cancer?

What is the name of a breast specialist?

A specialist is a physician who specialized in a specific disease condition. When someone is a breast surgeon or surgical breast oncologist, they spend the majority, if not all their time taking care of patients with breast issues. There are different ways a physician can become a specialist.

What doctor do you go to if you think you have breast cancer?

An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Your oncologist will order imaging tests and other laboratory tests to rule out breast cancer or confirm a diagnosis. After a diagnosis, your oncologist stages the cancer.

What doctor treats breast problems?

WHO DO YOU CALL? In many cases, a gynecologist or family practice doctor will detect a breast abnormality during a routine exam or mammogram before a woman notices on her own.

When should you see a breast specialist?

Make an appointment to have a breast lump evaluated, especially if: The lump feels firm or fixed. The lump doesn’t go away after four to six weeks. You notice skin changes on your breast, such as redness, crusting, dimpling or puckering.

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Who do you go to for a breast exam?

Since all women do not experience the same symptoms of breast cancer, it’s important to get checked by your primary care physician or gynecologist, who will perform a physical exam to evaluate the breast lump or mass. During the clinical breast exam, your doctor may recommend a mammogram or an ultrasound.

How can a woman tell if she has breast cancer?

Skin changes, such as swelling, redness, or other visible differences in one or both breasts. An increase in size or change in shape of the breast(s) Changes in the appearance of one or both nipples. Nipple discharge other than breast milk.

Do you feel ill with breast cancer?

Some general symptoms that breast cancer may have spread include: Feeling constantly tired. Constant nausea (feeling sick) Unexplained weight loss and loss of appetite.

What are the symptoms of stage 1 breast cancer?

What Are The Symptoms Of Stage 1 Breast Cancer?

  • Swelling in the breast or armpit (lymph nodes)
  • Unusual discomfort or pain in the breast.
  • Breast tenderness that is very persistent.
  • Pitted or scaly skin.
  • A retracted nipple.
  • Pain in the nipple or change in its appearance.

What vitamin helps with breast pain?

Increase vitamin B6 and vitamin E.

Both vitamins have been shown to help reduce breast pain. Vitamin E also protects your breasts from free radical damage that can destroy cells.

How do you know you have breast problems?

The evaluation of breast skin changes usually includes a breast examination and may include a mammogram. A skin biopsy may be needed to confirm the diagnosis. If you find a new breast problem, you should make an appointment with your primary care or gynecologic healthcare provider within a few weeks.

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How long do you see an oncologist after breast cancer?

After you finish treatment for breast cancer, you’ll see your oncologist and other members of your health care team on a regular basis, usually about every 6 months for the first few years. After that, you’ll see them every year for many years.

What can I expect at my breast cancer consultation?

The surgeon will meet with you and discuss your concerns, medical history, breast history, and family history. Then the doctor will step out ask you to change into a gown for the breast exam. The breast exam may or may not include an ultrasound of the breast at that time.

What should I ask a breast cancer survivor?

Advice from Breast Cancer Survivors

  • What is one thing you wish you knew before you started treatment? …
  • What was your biggest self-discovery or revelation after you were diagnosed? …
  • What was the most difficult part of your journey and how did you overcome it?