How do you become a patient at Moffitt Cancer Center?

How do I get an appointment at Moffitt Cancer Center?

Please call 1(888) 663-3488 or submit this form to request an appointment. The Patient Appointment Center is open Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-12pm.

Do you need a referral to go to Moffitt Cancer Center?

Providers and medical staff can send patients to Moffitt for care by filling out and submitting our Online Referral Form. No login is required. Upon submission of the form, the referral confirmation page will provide the fax number to send corresponding patient medical records.

Is Moffitt Cancer Center good?

— Moffitt Cancer Center is No. 8 on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals for Cancer rankings released today. The ranking solidifies Moffitt as the best cancer hospital in Florida and top ranked in the Southeast. Moffitt has been included in the annual Best Hospitals list for 20 years in a row.

Does Moffitt only treat cancer patients?

Moffitt is the only NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida. This coveted distinction, given to only 51 centers in the country, recognizes Moffitt as one of the top institutions developing and translating scientific discoveries into new and promising treatments for cancer patients.

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Are visitors allowed at Moffitt Cancer Center?

Outpatient appointments — One healthy adult visitor is allowed, including in infusion bays. Inpatients — One constant healthy adult visitor is allowed (visitors may not change throughout the day) and may stay overnight in the hospital. Inpatient visitors must check in at the Red Valet information desk.

Is Moffitt Cancer Center a hospital?

About Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt is the No. 11 cancer hospital and has been nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report since 1999. Moffitt’s expert nursing staff is recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center with Magnet® status, its highest distinction.

How much does Moffitt Cancer Center cost?

For the 266 Moffitt patients, the average annual total cost of care was $106,220. For Hospitals, the average annual total cost of care was $123,258, and for Community-Based Center, the average annual total cost of care was $101,041.

Does Moffitt take Medicaid?

Medicaid – Moffitt Cancer Center and Moffitt Medical Group participate in Medicaid. Medicare – Moffitt Cancer Center and Moffitt Medical Group participate in Medicare. Molina Healthcare – Moffitt Cancer Center and Moffitt Medical Group are in-network providers for Molina’s Medicaid HMO and Medicare HMO.

Does Moffitt take care credit?

Affording Your Dental Treatment

At Moffitt Dental, we work with third-party lenders, CareCredit, to make both elective smile improvements and necessary dental treatments affordable for every patient. Enjoy budget-friendly benefits like: … Coverage of needed or elective treatments.

Which is deadliest cancer?

List of cancer mortality rates in the United States

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Type Age Adjusted Mortality Rates (per 100,000 people) during 2013-2017
Colorectal cancer 13.9
Liver cancer and bile duct cancer 6.6
Gallbladder cancer 0.6
Pancreatic cancer 11.0

What is the number 1 cancer hospital in the world?

World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2021

Rank Hospital Score
1 MD Anderson Cancer Center 100.0%
2 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 99.2%
3 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 98.0%
4 Mayo Clinic – Rochester 97.0%