Question: Is mitotic index higher in cancer cells?


Do cancer cells have a high or low mitotic index?

Malignancy is characterized by accelerated cell division (high “mitotic index”), which is detectable on proton (1H) MRS (hereinafter “MRS”) as elevated Cho. Cho elevation occurs when there is rapid cell membrane synthesis.

What is mitotic index in cancer?

Listen to pronunciation. (my-TAH-tik IN-dex) In a population of cells, the ratio of the number of cells undergoing mitosis (cell division) to the number of cells not undergoing mitosis.

What does high mitotic index mean?

The mitotic index is a measure of the proliferation status of a cell population (i.e. the proportion of dividing cells) The mitotic index may be elevated during processes that promote division, such as normal growth or cellular repair.

Why does cancer have a higher mitotic index?

Durations of the cell cycle and mitosis vary in different cell types. An elevated mitotic index indicates more cells are dividing. In cancer cells, the mitotic index may be elevated compared to normal growth of tissues or cellular repair of the site of an injury.

Do benign tumors have a high mitotic index?

Occasionally, the mitotic rate in benign tumors may be brisk, and those with mitotic activity up to 15 mitoses/10 hpf are termed leiomyomata with increased mitotic activity (Fig. 20.81; see Table 20.7).

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What is a normal mitotic rate?

The mitotic rate of normal epidermis from adult men and women measured over a 5 hr. period (using colcemid) is 1-44 and 117 mitoses per 1000 viable epidermal cells, respectively. The duration of mitosis of normal epidermis is approximately 90 min.

What affects the mitotic index?

The number of cells in mitosis were counted for cells from different regions of the primary root tissue. Interpretation: In general, the mitotic index decreases with increasing distance from the root cap junction.

What is high mitotic activity?

In conclusion, a high number of mitotic figures is associated with a higher probability of developing distant metastases and a shorter survival. The critical point remains the standardization of the preanalytical and analytical steps within quality control programs.

Which normal tissue would you expect to have the highest mitotic index?

Skin and lung tissue would likely have the highest mitotic index due to the need for higher cell turnover. Skin and lung are epithelial tissues and they interact with the environment; thus, they are more frequently damaged and need to be replaced.

What is considered a high mitotic rate melanoma?

Melanomas with very high mitotic activity (≥10 mitoses/mm2) were predominantly thick and ulcerated nodular tumor subtypes. Conversely, the superficial spreading melanoma subtype, features of regression, and the presence of preexisting nevi were found to be characteristic of lesions with sparse mitotic activity.

What is a mitotic activity?

Listen to pronunciation. (my-TAH-tik ak-TIH-vih-tee) Having to do with the presence of dividing (proliferating) cells. Cancer tissue generally has more mitotic activity than normal tissues.

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